CoreXcellence Clinic


Therapists will perform a comprehensive evaluation designed to discover the root of the injury. The goals of the assessment is not simply to assess the pain but to understand it’s cause.

Treatments will consist of a combination of manual therapy, soft tissue, craniosacral, and myofascial release, postural alignment and breathing techniques. Treatments will be tailored to meet the needs of the individual and will be adjusted as the injury evolves.

Patients are encouraged to take an active role in their recovery. Therapist will prescribe exercises to compliment their treatments.

Therapist will work closely all professionals involved in patient’s rehabilitation to ensure an easy transition to everyday life and to sport if applicable.



People of all ages and activity levels can all benefit from preventative treatments. Scheduling regular visits with one’s therapist can prevent injury and even improve performance.

The body’s response to physical, mental or emotional stress can lead to muscular compensation that can cause chronic issues. Addressing these issues on a pre-set schedule is considered best practice.

Patients with a history of injuries can be proactive in preventing re-occurrence by scheduling appointments to ensure that their bodies are functioning optimally.