Cara Silvestri

“Just want to thank CoreXcellence for getting me back in shape after my second child. I am in the best shape of my life and owe it to you. It is mentally and physically challenging but the results are worth all the hard work. Thank you!”



“My son is a hockey player who in recent years has developed his athletic abilities because of the outstanding training and conditioning he has been lucky enough to participate in with the team at CoreXcellence.

This summer my family went through an unspeakable tragedy. My son would for all intents and purposes have been lost. CoreXcellence offered him a place of refuge. Vito took him under his wing, trained him and made him stronger in body mind and spirit.

He saved him, and we will be forever grateful. CoreXcellence helped him overcome the biggest obstacle he may ever have to face. For this and everything else, thank you.”


Sara Behar

“I will be the first to admit that I looked like a hopeless case when I first joined CoreXcellence in 2011. I was blessed with a quick metabolism that kept off the brunt of appearance-related consequences of terrible eating habits. As a result, I had absolutely no discipline when it came to nutrition. I was notorious among my friends for a love of fast food and a tendency to mock the notion of salad as a meal. I also despised physically exerting myself – I only ever “exercised” when my gym teachers were looking my way!

Despite being relatively thin, I was still plagued by the usual self-consciousness that most people experience when comparing themselves to what they see on magazines and television. I figured that I could stand to lose 10-15 pounds. And so I joined CoreXcellence on a whim with the hopes of obtaining the physique of a Victoria’s Secret model within a few weeks.

Vito promised to help me achieve my goal of working my way to an Adriana Lima body, but warned that it would take a long-term and permanent commitment of better eating habits, working out at home, and pushing myself hard at the gym. I will admit that it took time to accept Vito’s terms. I certainly did see positive physical changes in the beginning of my training while I was still ignoring most of his advice. However, it was only once I began to take his guidance seriously that I saw a real transformation- one that went beyond the amazing level of fitness I have ended up achieving.

Under Vito’s guidance, eating well and working out became more than just a means to an end; I began to genuinely love living a healthier lifestyle. His healthy meal plan revolutionized my perspective on food, cleaned up my palate, and helped me drop 15 stubborn pounds in a matter of weeks. In the following months I went from being unable to carry out even one “girl” pushup to completing multiple sets of 15 full ones, from being unable to run for more than a minute to holding a *current* personal record of 36 seconds on the Jacob’s Ladder, and from being unable to even budge a 200 pound tire attached to me by a harness to pulling it across the entire length of the parking lot. My energy levels skyrocketed- making me realize how little I had prior to this transformation. The discipline I acquired from pushing myself at the gym and regulating my food intake almost immediately found its way into other areas of my life, improving my study habits and work ethic. I had clearly been missing out!

CoreXcellence can help you achieve your goals, maintain them and set the bar higher for yourself. Work hard and be patient, I can attest to it being worth it! The facilities are great, the trainers beyond knowledgeable and fun, and the general atmosphere friendly and inspiring. I am very proud to be part of the family and could not be happier with my experiences and results as a member. I am sincerely grateful to Vito and the rest of the team- Thank you CoreXcellence!”


Jean-François Allard – Brebeuf

“J’ai eu la chance à plusieurs occasions de côtoyer les intervenants de CoreXcellence au cours des 3 dernières années. Leurs connaissances et expertise au niveau de la préparation physique d’un étudiant-athlète m’ont toujours grandement impressionnées et continueront de l’être puisqu’ils se font un devoir de rester à l’affût des dernières méthodologies dans le domaine. Plusieurs pensent que la préparation physique est un domaine réservé aux athlètes de haut niveau âgés d’au moins 18 ans. Au contraire, le développement des habiletés fondamentales du mouvement chez les 12 à 17 ans est un pré-requis primordial si l’on veut aspirer à devenir un athlète ou un sportif aguerri et CoreXcellence en fait leur marque de commerce. D’ailleurs, plusieurs de nos étudiants-athlètes ont eu la chance de s’entraîner avec eux que ce soit durant la saison ou spécialement lors de la saison morte. Les bénéfices au niveau de la motricité, l’agilité, la coordination, la puissance et le temps de réaction que nos étudiants-athlètes en retirent sont remarquables et facilement observables après quelques semaines d’entraînement seulement. Ils sont la référence pour nous en terme de préparation physique.”



“About a year ago, I hit a breaking point. I had been experiencing soreness in my back for quite a while and this was affecting normal everyday activities like playing hockey and getting more involved in my young children’s active lives (I was reticent about picking them up and carrying them for example). I work at a desk for most of the day, sitting for hours on end. When I would get up after sitting for a while, it would take me a few steps before I could get fully upright. Something had to change – it wasn’t normal to be like that.

I was a bit reluctant to join a gym and hire a trainer – I really wasn’t sure what to expect and was nervous I was going to stick out like a sore thumb. I committed in my head to 3 months. The first weeks were hard and my body was sore…but I made it through and I wasn’t out of place. Good things started to happen– I saw changes in both my body and my abilities. These encouraged me to keep going.

I’ve been working out at CoreXcellence for about a year now, twice a week at lunchtime for an hour. The results have been gradual and impressive. Gradual in that I’m implementing lots of good habits – and somewhat seamlessly. I don’t want a quick fix and then fall back into the same old habits. I really feel that I’m on the right track and learning how to take better care of myself. There is still a lot of work to do. My back pain is gone and I’ve been able to work through other weaknesses that were contributing to this problem area.

We’ve touched on a lot of things over the past year including strength training, cardio, nutrition, stretching and lifestyle. By slowly implementing good habits and through the training, I’ve noticed some other residual changes including some weight loss, better posture, increased muscle tone in my arms and legs, more strength, quicker speed in hockey, more confidence and not to mention, my wife loves the changes too!

CoreXcellence is a great place to get started on changing your life for the best.”



“It goes without saying that I am thankful for the amazing training and support received at CoreXcellence. My body changed and responded in a way that really exceeded my own expectations. It had always been my intention to ‘look good’, but the outcome was not only that, but feeling good, feeling stronger and faster. What surprised me, and what I am most thankful for, is that from their knowledge, experience and encouragement I learned that I am capable of more than I limited myself to believe. The tools learned at CoreXcellence translate to all areas of my life. I am proud to be part of the team, and thankful for all their help!”


Spiro Goulakis – Colgate University

“The summer program has enabled me to get stronger and quicker, and essentially prepare me for the season. Helps me as much physically as it does mentally. CoreXcellence puts a lot of time into all of their clients and ensures that each of them reaches their full potential. The progression I make over the summer is immense and I wouldn’t be able to do it without the team at CoreXcellence.”


Kayla Tutino – Boston University

“Limits don’t exist at CoreXcellence, they’re just an excuseEveryday you challenge yourself, turn your limits into goals.

Being consistent and showing up everyday to give 100% is what makes you more than just an average athlete.

CoreXcellence pushes you until there is nothing left in the tank. Actually, even when you think you have nothing left, you are convinced you do.

CoreXcellence is the healthy and right way to train.”


Daniele Harrison

“I met Don a year after giving birth to my first child… Here I am, twelve years later (having exercised through 3 pregnancies), stronger and faster than ever! Every time I walk into Corexcellence feels like the first time. Don is always reading up on the latest research so I know I’m always being taken care of, even if he’s putting me through a killer workout. There is also fantastic camaraderie amongst the trainers and clients. There is always someone around to challenge you or to offer friendly competition but you also find the support and encouragement you need when you’re having a tough day.”



Jason Vietri

“Before becoming part of the CoreXcellence Family, the only form of exercising I was doing was walking, believing that was the only form of exercise I could do. I was 420 pounds when I started training. In July of 2015, I got severely sick and that scare put my mind to a new place to loose weight and start taking care of myself.

Hearing and seeing amazing things from CoreXcellence inspired me even more to reach out. Joining the CoreXcellence family with Oz as my trainer put me at a whole new level. Oz guided me to do things I never knew I could do and I was loosing on average 3 to 5 pounds per week, training 2 times a week and walking the days I wasn’t training. The training I completed at CoreXcellence got me to where I am today.

I lost 100 pounds during my training. I learnt I wanted to do more! I saw people jumping high, running fast and I wanted to do that one day also. If it hadn’t been for CoreXcellence I would never of been mentally prepared for this next step.  I plan on returning to CoreXcellence shortly taking things to a whole new level.

A huge thank you to Oz for pushing me, guiding me, training me, motivating me, helping me mentally and getting me to where I am today. Another thank you to the entire team of CoreXcellence who cared, motivated me, pushed me to keep going. The same thanks goes to other fellow workout buddies at CoreXcellence who care for each other and motivate each other. Thank you all again for getting me to where I am today and I’m so excited to return shortly; it’s surreal when I think about what I’ll be able to do at the gym!”