Welcome to CoreXcellence

Welcome to CoreXcellence

CoreXcellence provides professional training, nutritional coaching, and a sports therapy clinic to optimize the performance of professional, amateur, and lifelong athletes.

We combine strength, speed, and flexibility training with an 11-point assessment system to continually improve the way you move and maximize results.

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On ice,
on the court,
or in the field,
we are all athletes.
And in our backyard,
our kitchen,
or the boardroom,
we are all athletes!

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Thank you CoreXcellence for getting me in the best shape of my life after my second child.

Cara Silvestri

The treatment session I had with Vanessa and Don really helped me, psychologically  even more than physically, although now the physical is following suit. Because of the  two of you, and Don with his sense of humour, telling me to “stand up straight with attitude”.  Long story short, you guys straightened me up and consequently I am now more comfortable  and able to re-live in my body, retake my body. It really helped me out. I wanted to thank you both. I now do my exercises religiously, you would both be very proud of me!

Sophie Jacmin

CoreXcellence helps you achieve your goals, maintain them, and set the bar even higher for yourself.

Sara Behar