CrossFit – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly



Unless you have been living under a rock for the past 3 years, I am sure you’ve heard about CrossFit.


When looking at an article on CrossFit, one tends to come across multiple negative opinions towards this type of training. Negative remarks concerning all that is in association with the sport, from socks the athletes wear to training methods that are performed.


I have decided to be optimistic and fish out the good that CrossFit has brought to the Fitness & Coaching industry.


Fun fact: The “unusual” socks play in an important role in protecting the shins from getting bloody. They also give an added flare to the athlete’s personality.


The Good CrossFit created

  1. Motivating people to get into shape
  2. Job creation through innovation
  3. Influenced and improved (healthy) eating habits
  4. Simplicity of equipment


1. Motivating people to get into shape.

Never before have I seen so many people excited to train and to get into shape. Going to the gym use to mean jogging on the treadmill. CrossFit has changed this perspective, making strength training much more enticing to the average human. This has reduced fears that individuals had when approaching a squat rack, thereby resulting in more people willing to try squats and deadlifts. Exercises that were once reserved for the hardcore trainees, have now become a ritual for the average Joe.



2. Job creation through innovation

CrossFit has opened the door to many young business owners. I am pleased to hear that individuals in their late 20’s to early 30’s are talking about opening a CrossFit box. We live in a society where post graduates have difficulty finding jobs in their specified field. The optimistic viewpoint is that entrepreneurship grants individuals with the ability to develop a business that can create change in society.


3. Influenced and improved (healthy) eating habits.

CrossFitters believe in the Paleo diet. The Paleo diet is comprised of animal protein, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds. Although many may say that this diet lacks sufficient nutrients, it has done more good than bad for the reason that people are now eating from healthier food groups and have become more conscious about their lifestyle choices. People are now more skeptical towards reaching for those processed foods, sugar laden snacks, and grains.


4. Simplicity of equipment.

This last point is for coaches and gym owners.

Since the creation of CrossFit, companies such as Rogue have increased their profits greatly when it comes to strength training equipment (ex. squat racks, med balls, barbells, climbing ropes, etc.).

Originally coaches ordered their equipment from a variety of different companies. Rogue’s competitive advantage is that it is a “one stop shop” for all, if not most, strength training equipment, making it the go-to site for strength coaches.
Chris Abs


Chris Latham – Accomplished Powerlifter & Fitness Model, Strength Coach

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