Summer is around the corner, so that means it’s time to take out those summer clothes. Wearing shorts, skirts or dresses, legs are fully exposed. There’s nothing better than walking outside on a sunny day with a comfortable pair of shorts and feeling the cool breeze.
Most guys place priority on chest, but me, I LOVE to train legs. As a fitness competitor legs are the difference between becoming a Pro and/or remaining an amateur.

Getting back to my point, many female clients number one concern is to be able to feel comfortable enough going out to a night on the town and feel confident in a nice dress or a pair of pants, in which the shape of their legs are clearly within site.
For those of you who train hard all winter and manage to be consistent with your diet, seeing great progress year round, here is a little knowledge to help you go further.


These are 3 tips to help reduce the fat on your legs.


Tip #1: Eat More Cruciferous Vegetables

Yes, vegetables. This food group is something that we all should be consuming with majority of our meals. The reason as to why we place an emphasis on cruciferous vegetables is because they contain a compound called DIM (Diindolylmethane). DIM helps improve estrogen and metabolism, as well as decrease aromatase (this is a benefit for men).


For a list of cruciferous vegetable Click Here


Tip #2 Opt for BPA-Free Containers and Bottles

Making the switch to these plastics, will reduce your exposure to chemical estrogens, for example xenoestrogens. Xenoestrogens can be found in products such as aluminum cans, perfume, air freshener, etc. These chemicals, once in the body, produce estrogenic hormonal behaviors and health issues. Another tip is to try to store your foods in glass containers.



Tip #3 Learn about

As mentioned above, the everyday products that we use can have some unwanted effects. is a website that measures the toxicity levels of common products. Ranging from lotion to deodorant, detergent, dishwasher soap, floor wax/polish, etc. Some of these products that we tend to use especially right after a hot shower, which is when our pores are open and most susceptible to the exposure of chemicals. Use this website to guide your choices.

They also have a downloadable app.


Pill Box

*Bonus* For the Ladies

The first question that I ask female clients when they mention that they want to lose fat around their legs is if they are on birth control and more precisely the pill. In short, the pill does elevate estrogen levels and can create an imbalance of hormones.

I understand these 6 reasons for being on the pill:

  1.    Contraception
  2.    Acne
  3.    Pain during menstruation
  4.    Keeping a regular cycle
  5.    Vaginal bleeding
  6.    Pilosity (hair growth)

But if you are losing body fat and your hips/thighs seem to be remaining the same, the pill may be one of the many reasons.



Chris Abs


Chris Latham, Accomplished Power-lifter and Fitness Model




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