Menopause – Your Recipe for Battle


by Whitney Sickler, Holistic Health Coach

Millions of people, on a daily basis, walk the streets without knowing exactly why they suffer certain chronic pains.

We eat more processed foods than in any other generation. We are exposed to antibiotics more than ever; it is in our food, and prescribed for the smallest infection. Furthermore, the economic times create a much higher stress level, increasing our susceptibility to illness.

What does your liver have to do with it…?

Menopause, the cessation of a woman’s menstrual cycle, and the symptoms that come along with this time of a woman’s life can be influenced by the cleanliness of the blood – therefore the efficiency of the liver in detoxifying and purifying the blood is essential.

The liver, or as I like to call it, the gatekeeper, is probably the most hard working organ in the body. Everything goes to the liver to be checked and sent out as needed. Amino acids, sugars, water soluble vitamins and various hormones, such as estrogen, all cross over the mucosal cells, through the hepatic portal vein, and then on to the liver.

When there’s an excess of estrogen in the blood, the liver filters it out, sends it down the bile duct and into the intestinal tract to be eliminated.

The importance of Fibre in hormonal regulation…

However, the only way this system can run is with fiber (plant roughage). Fiber is critical in having clean blood! The fiber soaks up the estrogen and carries it out along with the other waste. When there is a lack of fiber in the diet, the excess estrogen is reabsorbed back into the blood which eventually becomes a cycle ­ back to the liver, through the bile duct, into the intestinal tract and then back into the blood. This process is called Enterohepatic Circulation. “Entero” meaning intestine and “hepatic” meaning liver.

Chlorophyll ­ The RAW materials our body needs…

Chlorophyll, “the blood of plants”, found in deep green vegetables, sea vegetables and algae, cleanses your blood and helps detoxify your liver, colon and entire digestive tract! By adding these foods into your daily food choices, you’re providing your body with the raw materials it needs. With the barrage of toxins we’re exposed to today, our body needs all the help it can get. Because these foods are completely recognizable and assimilable, energy can be spent on balancing out the ups and downs that come with every stage of life.

Superfoods -­ One step further…

According to Superfood expert, David Wolfe, “Superfoods are a class of the most potent, super­-concentrated, and nutrient­ rich foods on the planet – Superfoods have the ability to tremendously increase the vital force and energy of one’s body, and are the optimum choice for improving overall health, boosting the immune system, elevating serotonin production, enhancing sexuality, and cleansing and alkalizing the body. Superfoods meet and exceed all of our protein requirements, our vitamin and mineral requirements, glyconutrient (essential polysaccharide sugar) requirements, essential fatty acid requirements, immune system requirements, and so much more.”

The almighty Adaptogen – ­ what makes superfoods so amazing?

Certain superfoods, such as the goji berry, maca root, reishi mushrooms, asparagus root, rhodiola, ginseng, and AFA algae all contain powerful adaptogens. An adaptogen invigorates and strengthens the system helping the body to deal more easily with stress by balancing and stabilizing the body’s glandular­hormonal system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, and musculature. In a way, adaptogenic foods enable the body to balance itself and “adapt” to various stressors ­ physical, chemical or biological. These foods will provide more energy if it is needed, however, if it is not needed, they will not overstimulate the system. According to most studies, adaptogens also boost immunity and increase the body’s overall vitality by 10-­15%.

Is this specific to only women going through menopause?

These foods can be beneficial to men and women of any age. Symptoms of menopause and PMS have been greatly reduced when adaptogens have been added to the diet. Modern, man­made foods are missing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, phytonutrients and fiber. Not to mention the hormonally instable animal products that have been introduced through the process of factory farming.