My Experience Interning

Internships are a great way of getting your foot in the door to an organization you admire and aspire to be a part of.

Volunteering your time sets you apart from others within the industry and demonstrates your willingness to learn and remodel the way you think.

I have learnt so much from my internship at CoreXcellence. Here are some of the most important points that I have picked up along the way:

1. The beauty of why.

It all begins with why. If you don’t truly understand why you are doing something than you are aimless. How can you write a program without understanding why you need to work on certain aspects more than others?


2. To look at the whole picture.

If you have tunnel vision and are unable to see what is happening at every level of the body as a whole, then you are failing to see the complete picture. You can be focusing so intently on the positioning of someone’s foot that you fail to recognize how that foot pattern (be it correct or not) affects the entire system.

3. To be a part of a dynamic team.

The entire CoreXcellence staff family is passionate about upgrading the lives of anyone who walks through the doors. It creates a stimulating environment where you learn from others. On a weekly basis we have meetings with case analyses, hands-on coaching technique as well as a functional anatomy crash-course with our in-house osteopath.
Working with a group of individuals who are moving towards a greater common goal allows you lean on others in times of need and create support when they are in similar situations. Cohesive teams develop a synergy that individuals cannot obtain singularly.


4. Assess, assess and reassess.

The body is a dynamic evolving being. It needs to be remodeled constantly as certain areas get stronger. The goal is to reduce asymmetry as much as possible. When you work on a certain area it affects every other area – similar to the butterfly effect. Every time someone makes a movement you need to be paying attention to minute details and adjusting as necessary. While keeping your focus on the whole picture.

I highly suggest anyone interested in pursuing a career in any industry take the time to intern with a group of individuals they admire who are leaders in their field – it will give you practice, experience & confidence which will lead you to make more educated decisions while understanding why you are doing what you are doing. Looking forward to meeting the newest interns of CoreXcellence in 2015.

Echo Jade Vergil

CoreXcellence Performance Intern