How many injuries have occurred because the body wasn’t physically prepared for the day’s workout/competition? Let me take you through one of the best bang for your buck exercises that will prime your body for the task at hand; it will activate what needs to be turned on and stabilize what needs to be locked down!

Over the years CoreXcellence has added many methodologies into its toolbox – whether it be related to assessment, rehab, strength training or regeneration.  Some are still a mainstay in our “System”, while others have gone along the way of the relationship graveyard – “good while it lasted”.

CoreXcellence has developed the reputation as the “go-to-place” when you’ve plateaued, been injured, or just want to learn #IntensityDoneRight.

One aspect of our training system is movement prep/activation. We used to do a lot stretching, mini-band work, hip lifts, shoulder stabilization, dynamic warm-ups – all to prepare for that day’s lift. This past year, we’ve cut in half the prep time for our training sessions – mostly because of the implementation of postural repositioning which sets the body in the most optimal lifting pattern. Add in an efficient, loaded, all inclusive core activating/stabilizing exercise in the Turkish Get Up (TGUs), and our bodies are primed for action.

Benefits of TGUs

  • Packed shoulders – Stable shoulders
  • Packed shoulders & no T-spine extension (anterior core locked down)
  • Right hip extension – Shoulder stability
  • Anterior core locked down

Common hiccups

  • Not packing shoulders before beginning lift
  • Crunching the Get Up instead of rotating at the trunk with stiff core
  • Not pushing through the heel to extend the hip
  • Overhead position without packed shoulders and arching the back to attain overhead position

Putting it all together

Performance Consultant Leah Mamane will take us through the Get Up set by step. Leah, national bronze medal powerlifter at 125 lbs uses the 36-kg kettlebell to help prep for her lifts.

Summing it up

Perform the TGU impeccably. Load it up – if you’re going to lift heavy sh**, get your body ready. If there is a point in the TGU that seems unstable, spend a little extra time on that area in order to limit your exposure to injury and give you the tools to lift more efficiently. Stack the shoulders, extend the hips through the heels and lock down the anterior core to prevent the ribs from flaring or extending into your back.

Don White
Director of Athletic Development