Earlier in the week a few clients were discussing troubles they had with losing a few extra pounds. In talking to them the common issue that comes up is a poor quality of sleep. I explained the importance of sleep and how it is tied into their struggle to lean out.

Sleep & Fat Burning

When talking about sleep we generally think about getting 8 hours and that’s it. When it comes to fat loss, we generally think food and training as the only two variables, when in fact the main catalyst for improving the way your body looks, is your body’s ability to recover and rebuild. A body that can repair and rebuild, is a body that is anabolic. Being in an anabolic state is when the body can easily focus on decreasing body fat and increasing lean muscle tissue.

The goal is to wake up feeling psychically and mentally fresh on the inside and out. Once your organ systems (circulatory, digestive, nervous, etc.), and your vital organs (liver, kidney, brain, etc.) are taken care of, only then can fat loss be put as a priority. All this takes place with the help of adequate and quality sleep.

Benefits of getting quality sleep include:

– Improved body composition
– Decreased pain & stiffness
– Improved cognitive function
– Improved appetite control
– Mood enhancer
– Improved immune function
– Improved memory
– Increased libido

When sleep is compromised:

– Increased inflammation (bloating, stiffness, etc.)
– Increase in body weight & body fat
– Lackluster skin
– Decreased immune function
– Increased risk of diabetes
– Increased risk of hypertension

Improve sleep by doing the following:

– Keep your room pitch black. You can purchase blackout blinds.
– Disconnect from all electronics at least 30 min prior to going to sleep.
– Place electronics in Blue light mode.
– Reduce the temperature in your room
– Consistent exercise

Sometimes the body needs a little push to get things going. The use of a natural supplement that focuses on helping you fall and stay asleep, and decrease cortisol. The Deep Sleep Pack can help achieve such



Helps lower cortisol levels, helps improve energy, and helps relax the nervous system


Improve sleep quality, improve recovery time, and reduce stress and nervousness.


Helps the body relax, improve recovery, and supports the immune system


In following the Deep Sleep Pack protocol you will see your quality of sleep improve, wake up feeling rested, and more TONED.

Chris Latham
Performance Specialist
Nutrition Consultant