Introducing Kayla DiGaetano – Performance and Wellness Coach – Holistic With Kay

Holistic With Kay is my way of sharing my experiences of my on-going health optimization journey.

My focus is based on integrative medicine and using holistic food practices.

My objective is to seek out the root cause of health ailments, as opposed to band-aid fixes.

Is it just me or can searching the internet for nutritional guidance be overwhelming?

The internet contains a lot of information, and it can be hard to know what sources are truly credible – therefore I have taken my research from various nutrition/ lifestyle experts, books, articles, podcasts, and deciphered it in order to make it more understandable. 


The content I provide is from research via certified practitioners on various health topics. 

I have committed to broadening my education in Health Optimization, and in turn sharing my findings with you!

The topics range anywhere from understanding leaky gut, how to get better sleep, the importance of collagen, and addressing adrenal (stress) support just to name a few. In addition to proper supplementation and lifestyle habits, I also enjoy creating and sharing whole food recipes. These guidelines offer an abundance of nutrients and anti-inflammatory properties that help fortify our bodies at the metabolic level.


I look forward to coaching you to a healthier you!