Having a good digestion is a critical component for achieving good health. The human body functions by utilizing and absorbing nutrients from the foods that we eat. In order for our body to complete the demands of daily living, both internally (organ function) and externally (energy output), we need to be capable of using, storing and eliminating these nutrients.


Do you think you’re having trouble with your digestion? If yes, here are 4 ways to help improve this problem.



With BBQ season approaching, here are a few tips to help ensure that you maintain a healthy digestion while eating all that delicious grilled food.bbq-1

1. Drink More Water

To keep your digestion consistent, a significant amount of water is needed. Getting adequate water helps your stool soften and eases its passage.

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If your still finding it hard to get those litres throughout the day, have some watermelon or high water content fruits and/or vegetables as well.


2. Increase Fiber

Increasing the fiber intake of your diet can have many great benefits. Adding fiber will improve your digestion and help regulate blood glucose levels.

There are two types of fibers, insoluble and soluble. Insoluble fibers such as zucchini, pineapple, dark leafy greens and almonds serve to help the digestive tract. Soluble fibers such as psyllium, pears, carrots and oatmeal help control blood sugar levels and decrease LDL “bad’ Cholesterol.


3. Chew Slowly

Most of us eat our meals on the go or in a rush. When speed eating the food is not being broken down properly to allow the body to simply digest and absorb the nutrients. It is easy to overeat when chewing quickly. Chewing slowly allows your body to send signals to the brain, reaching a level of satiety and begins the body’s prep for digestion. Saliva is then produced to assist with the break down food.


4. Change Up Your Food Choices

Many of us tend to eat the same foods day to day. When one thinks of a healthy meal the first image that comes to mind is usually chicken breast and broccoli. Eating the same foods over and over, provides our body with repetitive nutrients. This poses a problem for you will be lacking necessary nutritional elements from other foods that are needed for basic bodily functioning. You will also reach immunity to the repetitive foods, which means that when consumed, your body will no longer absorb it in the same way as it would for the first time. The chicken and broccoli will not have the beneficial effect that is represented on paper.

To help you notice your weekly food intake, write down a food journal and take a look at what is always on your menu!


For example:

Have you ever had?

Protein: Bison, Elk, Lamb, Kangaroo, Boar Bacon.

Vegetables: Kale, Turnips, Okra, Leeks

Fruits: Blackberry, Figs, Passionfruit, Mango

Starchy Carbs: Kamut, Spelt, Quinoa

Fats: Brazil Nuts, Hazelnuts, Macadamia Nuts, Krill Oil,



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