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Our Story

Since it’s inception in 2008, CoreXcellence has continued to build on the extensive training and coaching experience of it’s founders.

In 2013, CoreXcellence integrated a Multidisciplinary Sports Therapy Clinic as foundational support to its Training and Nutrition Systems.

The ongoing implementation of tried and proven performance modalities, is the backbone of the CoreXcellence Performance System.


Director of Athletic Development

In witnessing the suffering of loved ones from sickness, I decided to take a much more proactive approach to my physical and mental wellbeing, as well as coaching/educating others to a healthy lifestyle.



Seeing a client achieve a strength gain, or a weight loss – it’s instant feedback that tells me I’m making a difference.

Clinic Director,

Certified Athletic Therapist & Osteopath

To provide my clients with a pain free lifestyle and the tools to maintain it. To continuously learn, educate and heal.

Our Performance Team


To be “more human” - to be a better person, to pay it forward and with that, my reward is seeing people achieve goals they’ve set out for themselves


To complement the gen pop and athletes’ efforts in reaching their fitness goals without compromising their health.

Our Clinic Team

Certified Athletic Therapist BSc., CAT(C)

Help give clients the best possible treatment to get back to the activities they enjoy.

Certified Athletic Therapist BSc., CAT(C)

Help clients recover from injuries but also help prevent future injuries by building a strong foundation.

Physiotherapist M.Sc., CSCS

Help people achieve a pain free and autonomous life.