Recently, CoreXcellence Strength & Conditioning Coach, Rich Thaw was on Breakfast Television Montreal to talk about how to ‘Avoid Hockey Injuries During The In-Season’.

As mentioned in the video below, training during the in-season is a completely different beast than off-season training.

Where most coaches and athletes go wrong is intensity. It’s impossible to continue to compete and practice at the same intensity as the athletes did during the summer. Added stressors such as work, school, earlier mornings…therefor less sleep, and an increased stimulus happen on a daily basis. These factors play a large role on both mental and physical recovery.

Our in-season program is structured much differently than our off-season. The main goal of the off-season is to firstly improve/fix any movement dysfunction that the athlete has developed over the course of the season/year away.The to get the body stable throughout acceptable range, i.e. increase mobility where necessary accompanied with adequate stability. Lastly, the off-season is prime time to get them to pack on muscle as well as strength, stamina and develop their energy systems (aka ”cardio”), not to mention decrease fat mass, help them move better (read: fix movement dysfunction) and increase mental toughness.

The goal of the in-season is to maintain everything we have obtained during the off-season. In-season training isn’t the time to squat or benchpress more weight than you ever have before, it’s the time to maintain strength or at the very least make slow steady gains…if at all. Mobility and flexibility is prioritized during the this time so as to ensure the athletes peak in performance for their most important games and not ‘bonk’ come mid-season.

The mid-season fade. It happens right around the gloomy December months (exams, gifts to buy, bad weather = poor eating habits, etc..) and carries right through until spring. Rockin’ performance happens around October/November…and it’s all downhill from there if you don’t control the stressors!

You don’t want to crash & burn when it’s playoff season. It’s extremely hard to come back from a mid-season ‘bonk’

Let us take care of the science behind programming, and you can concentrate on developing into everything you were meant to be.

Here’s what we prioritize during in-season:

*XCAD In-season*

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Rich Thaw, FMS, Pn1 Strength & Conditioning Coach

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