Long Term Athletic Development For Aspiring Pro’s

 Specializing in one sport early on may work for a small portion young aspiring pros (>20 years old), but the harsh reality for the majority of these young hopefuls is that early specialization will lead to failure. Hockey, baseball, and soccer are the 3 biggest sports seen and spoken of in Montreal, not to mention...
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5 Deal-Breakers For Hockey Scouts

After spending the weekend in Boston coaching players who aspire to play hockey at the college hockey level and speaking with the scouts who were narrowing down their shortlists of players who they are interested in, I realized how much the little details of the game make a big difference. If you want to play at the next level,...
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6 Benefits of Eating Nuts

After decades of demonization for their high fat content—which in most cases is heart-healthy mono- and polyunsaturated anyway—nuts have finally claimed their rightful place among other foods long regarded as healthy. In fact, nuts are so loaded with nutrients, they could be considered nature’s dietary supplement pill. Of course, roasted in heavy oil and salts,...
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Don’s Knee Rehab Post Menisectomy

Meniscus tears are quite common and can cause a lot of pain in people of all ages. These tears can be from an injury or just from overuse. The symptoms that accompany this injury are:       Pain when walking up and down stairs, Inability to stop and cut when running Limitations in your...
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Training The Female Athlete  – They’re Just Girls!

Going into the 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics, many were looking forward to watching the Men’s Hockey squad bring home gold.  When the games were over, you would often hear “Did you watch the Women’s gold medal game?  That was CRAZY!!!”  For those that missed it, the intensity and compete-level of the women’s gold medal match-up...
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Why Is Our Program Different?

CoreXcellence Athletic Development – where the pros of tomorrow come to train today. What Type of Gym is CoreXcellence?  We are a high performance training facility that offers an all-inclusive personalized service. We pioneer performance so that you can defy average. We offer the best in training, nutrition and physical therapy. Our in house Osteopath/Athletic Therapist...
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Pain-Free Shoulders & Hips

Are you ready to be pain free and more relaxed?   Sit at your desk most of the day and find your hips stiff when you stand up?  Find yourself taking short breaths and feeling tightness in the upper chest and neck area??  Want better abdominals??? In the last couple of years, our team of...
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