6 Benefits of Eating Nuts

After decades of demonization for their high fat content—which in most cases is heart-healthy mono- and polyunsaturated anyway—nuts have finally claimed their rightful place among other foods long regarded as healthy. In fact, nuts are so loaded with nutrients, they could be considered nature’s dietary supplement pill. Of course, roasted in heavy oil and salts,...
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4 Steps To Improve Digestion

Having a good digestion is a critical component for achieving good health. The human body functions by utilizing and absorbing nutrients from the foods that we eat. In order for our body to complete the demands of daily living, both internally (organ function) and externally (energy output), we need to be capable of using, storing...
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Burn Off Unwanted Belly Fat

Bob is a married man who works Monday to Friday from 7:00am to 6:00pm. For breakfast he drinks a coffee and eats a piece of toast with a banana. Spending long hours at work, Bob claims to not have time to prepare his food in advance, let alone eat a full meal.  His lunch consists of the nearest...
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The One Way Road to Man Boobs

Monday is known to be “International Chest Day.” When walking into a commercial gym on a monday afternoon, you will notice that the bench press area is filled with guys looking for that instant muscle pump. Some of which hope to make their chest more muscular and others that wish to decrease the effects of Gynecomastia....
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Secret to Tone Legs

Summer is around the corner, so that means it’s time to take out those summer clothes. Wearing shorts, skirts or dresses, legs are fully exposed. There’s nothing better than walking outside on a sunny day with a comfortable pair of shorts and feeling the cool breeze. Most guys place priority on chest, but me, I...
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