Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the CoreXcellence Nutrition page - Holistic With Kay!  Kayla Di Gaetano is a Performance Coach at CoreXcellence, whom has developed a passion for all things health.

Through Kayla’s continuing education, she has come to acknowledge the great importance of overall health and how nutrition greatly impacts such. 

She believes in using food as medicine and will introduce to you the How To’s  when it comes to nourishing your bodies with whole foods. Kayla will not only inform you of all things nutrition but will also help guide you with the proper macro and micro-nutrients.  Never underestimate the power of food to help heal the body inside out.

Her personal experience on a modified Ketogenic diet has been the driving force of her creativity when it comes to cooking and baking and she has decided to share her experiences with you!

Throughout this page you will not only be receiving great ideas for recipes, but also information on gut health, digestion and proper supplementation. 

Depending on the individual goals of the athletes, their nutritional requirements will be different. For example, while lifelong athletes may be looking to shed a few pounds, our professional athletes may be looking to increase strength and speed. At CoreXcellence, we assess each athlete’s nutrition knowledge and habits so we can develop a personalized nutrition plan that is suited to individual lifestyle challenges, and promotes behavioural modifications.


Take a deep dive into your fitness goals and address your health concerns with the guidance of our Holistic Nutrition Consultant.

Through an in-depth nutrition and life style assessment, our nutrition team will develop a specialized plan to target your wellness objectives.

A well formulated plan and support system are imperative to your success.

For more information on CoreXcellence Nutrition consulting, please contact