As you read this, we are deep into the heart of the Holiday Season!

This time of year brings on feelings of happiness, quality time with your family and some amazing HOLIDAY BLOAT. If it has not hit you yet, give it a few days, ITS COMING!  That feeling of being stuffed for days at a time, knowing that you still have 6 more parties to go to and you’re not sure if you’re going to make it.

"That was a good meal!"

“That was a good meal!”

There seems to be a never-ending flow of rich, sugary food everywhere you turn and for some reason, you cannot resist. I’ve been there, I understand and I AM HERE TO HELP!

One of the best ways to feel better during the holiday season, get through with as little damage to your waist size as possible and not have a cookie hangover everyday, is to make sure your digestion is on point.

I’m not going to get gross or scientific. I’m just going to give you a few easy steps you can take to make sure everything is moving right along during the holidays!


STEP 1  EAT GREEN EVERY DAY – If you notice at most parties and gatherings your attending, there usually aren’t many salads or fresh organic vegetable dishes, so you need to make up for that. Make sure your getting a good dose of green vegetables EVERY DAY.  It can be a big salad or a nice side dish, even some greens powder as a supplement will help you out. The big shot of nutrients will help fill in what your missing from the “holiday food” and the green veggies are loaded with fiber that will make sure your digestion stays on track (pun intended).


STEP 2- WALK– Listen to that one again, WALK. I didn’t say crush yourself with workouts everyday when your hung-over and feeling terrible. I didn’t say try to burn off every single calorie you brought into your body. Just go for a walk after your big meal or any time during the day, even before you know your going to a party. The extra movement will help keep you a little leaner, it will also help you mentally feel better and less guilty. But most importantly, from a digestive standpoint, the movement, keeps things moving!


STEP 3- WATER– If you have ever read anything that I have written about getting leaner, feeling better, improving athletic performance or just being healthier, than you have heard this. Drink water, lots of it, everyday, more than you already do. Now I have to mention this – there are a lot of things that “have water in them”, like coffee, juice, soda and even beer, BUT THOSE DO NOT COUNT. You need to drink clear, fresh water: no carbonation, no colours, just water. Get a gallon jug and walk around like a meat-head.  Get a fancy water bottle that will keep it cold all day long, whatever works for you!


The holidays are stressful to your digestion and overall gut health. Use these steps and you’re family won’t repeatedly ask you to play Santa Claus when it’s time to hand out the gifts.


Happy Holidays!!!





Vito Di Cosola – Strength & Conditioning Specialist, Nutrition Coach



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