Kayla Di Gaetano

Kayla Di Gaetano

Holistic Nutrition Coach

Performance Coach

“My why for doing what I do is to be “more human.” And by that, I mean to be a better person, to pay it forward, and to always give back more. My reward is seeing people achieve goals they've set out for themselves, or that we’ve created together. It brings me a great feeling of accomplishment and personal fulfilment.”

Kayla recently graduated with a B.Sc. in Leisure Sciences and Recreation from Concordia University. She has always been involved in sports – from playing in team sports since the age of 5, to managing college varsity teams. Over the last several years, Kayla also worked in the health food industry. Her athletic background combined with her extensive knowledge in the nutrition industry provides the ideal foundation for helping others achieve their goals.

Kayla believes the most important reason she loves doing what she does is that it instills values that are important to her, and creates life tools and lessons. Hard work, consistency, discipline, determination, overcoming obstacles, and communication skills are some of the important benefits that her clients apply to their sport, and to their daily lives.

B.Sc. Leisure Sciences and Recreation, Concordia University
EXOS Performance Specialist (XPS)

Ali Miller Courses: Food as Medicine Ketosis Program, Adrenal Rehab Program

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