CoreXcellence Online Training has the added benefits of real-time progress tracking, positive habit development, and
coaching follow-up/accountability – providing a much more efficient tool to help you accomplish your fitness goals!

➢ Are you a retired athlete still seeking the thrill of training towards a goal?

➢ Are you a hard working mom that spends a lot of time managing her family but looking for a moment of personal accomplishment?

Are you an independent business enthusiast that thrives off the progression of numbers and enjoys the thrill of successes?

➢ Do you forget how to properly execute the exercises shortly after receiving your written program or don’t understand pictures?

Available Packages


CoreXcellence uses a proven performance and nutrition program used to optimize the health of professional, amateur, and lifelong athletes!

With the CoreXcellence Online App you receive a personalized approach that focuses on more than just having you looking your best. It is imperative that we improve your overall well-being, longevity, and increase your performance in sport & life.

Take your fitness level to
where you thought impossible!

The CoreXcellence system is about performing at an #IntensityDoneRight. Our video library of properly executed exercises will help you push past plateaus and help you reach your goals much quicker. There are no limitations to what the body can accomplish or how the body should train – we are all athletes.


Whether you partner with a friend or you decide to go at it alone, our coaches will motivate and challenge you to reach new heights.

We all know that ‘Accountability’ is one of the pillars of success with regards to achieving your fitness goals. Our app tracks your progress and training frequency and lets us know when you might need that extra nudge from your coach.

We’ve got you covered:

➢ Movement Preparation

➢ Core Stability

➢ Strength

➢ Power

➢ Mobility & Flexibility

➢ Energy Systems Development