Team CoreXcellence 


Emmmanuel Veliz
Performance Coach

Emmanuel has been working in the field since 2013, he immediately fell in love with the profession which is why he decided to complete studies in kinesiology at UQAM in 2014 while simultaneously looking for information on other certifications and seminars. His university internships have led him to work in different kind of situations such as  university athletes  (Rugby, Soccer, Basketball), in a hospital with patients affected  by pulmonary fibrosis and  the testing for the intervention group of the SPVM.

Emmanuel is an optimistic person who’s philosophy is that failure never happens until you stop trying. As such, he makes sure to highlight even the small progress to his clients so that they can keep on being optimistic.


Bsc Kinesiology
Certified Speed and Agility Coach
Certified Weightlifting Performance Coach
Postural Respiration Institute: Postural Respiration