Melvin Kenny
Performance Coach

“Complementing general population and athletes’ efforts in reaching their fitness goals without compromising their health is enjoyable as a Coach.

I understand the frustrations clients may have based on what is being presented to us in social media and how this can create an analysis paralysis on where to start or continue to progress. 

Being a guide who filters the information is gratifying because we witness their heightened interest in health, but most important, the changes in their lifestyle (self-confidence, productivity, better social relationships).”

Melvin Kenny took interest in training efficiently after a shoulder injury playing amateur football. An injury that prevented him from being active. This sparked his attention on how to classify exercises in an order that not only meet his clients needs, but most importantly with the right intensity. Melvin is influenced by World Renowned Strength Coaches like Mike Boyle, Derek Hansen and Mark Verstegen – coaches that teach how to progress and regress exercises through education of proper movement mechanics.

Certified Functional Strength Coach  Level 1 (CFSC)
EXOS Performance Specialist (XPS)
Running Mechanics Professional Level 1 Foundations
Running Mechanics Professional Level 2 MED

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