Hello Everybody!

Welcome to the CoreXcellence recipe page - Holistic With Kay!  Kayla Di Gaetano is a Performance Coach at CoreXcellence, whom has developed a passion for all things cooking.

Through Kayla’s continuing education, she has come to acknowledge the great importance of overall health and how nutrition greatly impacts such. 

She believes in using food as medicine and will introduce to you the How To’s  when it comes to nourishing your bodies with whole foods. Kayla will not only inform you of all things nutrition but will also help guide you with the proper macro and micro-nutrients.  Never underestimate the power of food to help heal the body inside out.

Her personal experience on a modified Ketogenic diet has been the driving force of her creativity when it comes to cooking and baking and she has decided to share her experiences with you!

Throughout this page you will not only be receiving great ideas for recipes, but also information on gut health, digestion and proper supplementation. 

“I really enjoy taking the ‘not so healthy’ or other people’s recipes and revamping them. I revamp them to cater to a particular way of eating or just try to make them overall healthier.”


Got a sweet tooth? We gotcha covered! Recipes for yummy treats like cookies, cakes, pies and everything in between! All the desserts are naturally sweetened. There are no artificial sweeteners or poly-sugar alcohols.”

Main Meals

All the main dishes are created with the intention of providing our bodies with proper macro and micro-nutrients. These dishes will provide an abundance of nourishment, anti-inflammatory properties and sources of nutrients and antioxidants that help heal the body at a metabolic level. They provide proper nourishment to keep you satiated, vibrant and feeling good!


If you know Kayla – you know she is a snack queen! You’ll find many snacks that are packed with nutrients, fiber and fat to keep you full and ready to keep on going! Not to mention – some of the snacks are school friendly and kid-approved!

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