The CoreXcellence Clinic

The CoreXcellence Clinic brings together an exceptional team of experienced physiotherapists, osteopaths, and athletic therapists to provide a wide range of preventative and rehabilitative treatments to meet their clients’ specific needs.

Clinical Services


Osteopathy is a highly individualized treatment that stimulates the body’s capacity for self-regulation. Thorough palpation (manual examination) allows Osteopaths to conduct a complete investigation of the possible causes of neuromuscular, skeletal, visceral, and cranial dysfunction.


Physiotherapy combines an in-depth knowledge of the body and how it works with specialized hands-on clinical skills to diagnose and treat symptoms of illness, injury, or disability. Physiotherapists are primary healthcare professionals who play a significant role in the treatment of injury and disease.

Athletic Therapy

Athletic Therapy specifically focuses on injury assessment and rehabilitation and adheres to the Sports Medicine Model of care. An Athletic Therapist’s goal is to help clients return to their sporting, as well as everyday activities.

Concussion Management

The clinic offers baseline testing, education, and concussion care and provides strategies to facilitate peoples’ return to school, work, and play.

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