• Food journal assessment
    • Weekly meal plan
    • Recipes ideas
    • 1 video call per week

    Take a deep dive into your fitness goals and address your health concerns with the guidance of our Holistic Nutrition Consultant.

    Through an in-depth nutrition and life style assessment, our nutrition team will develop a specialized plan to target your wellness objectives.

    A well formulated plan and support system are imperative to your success.

  • Access your personalized training program on our online training app. Programs updated/progressed monthly. Exercise video explanations to ensure #IntensityDoneRight. Email follow up.
  • Eat a variety of healthy foods each day
  • A complete formula to achieve your fitness, performance, and health goals. Personalized meal plan developed by our Holistic Nutritionist. Access your online training program, tailored specifically to your needs. Updated monthly, our Performance Specialists will challenge you with your personalized training program. Detailed exercise videos. Frequent follow up to ensure accountability.
  • Overcome training plateaus. Breakdown your main lifts in order to discover the root cause of dysfunction. Evaluate movement patterns. Adjust programming variables to help push past stagnant training blocks.
  • Let's Sweat It Out with our new interval program - allowing you to keep a consistent intensity and get a great workout in a shorter amount of time! Needed for this workout is: a chair or bench, a pair of mini bands (medium to hard resistance), a towel, a pair of dumbbells or laundry detergents is recommended (weighted).
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