The CoreXcellence team is proud to be called upon for educational and motivational speaking events.
We work with corporations, amateur sport teams, and community organizations to provide inspiring activities in the following categories.


Visualization training helps people use the power of visualization to create belief and certainty towards the achievement of their goals.


While personal motivation comes and goes, discipline is what helps people remain on target. The core principles involved are prioritization and execution, valuable skills that can be applied to every aspect of our lives.


While the maximum human lifespan has not significantly changed over the last few centuries, science has turned to focus on health span. Our goal is to help our clients learn how to get more healthy autonomous years out of life.


On an individual level, empowerment is about building self-confidence, becoming stronger, and gaining more control over one’s life. But this also applies to teams, and it involves building trust, co-operation, and communication between teammates.

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