The CoreXcellence Training System

Our integrated team of performance and rehabilitation specialists continually fine-tune the CoreXcellence Training System by investigating the most innovative advancements in training. The foundation of our system is to continually assess movement to better position our clients to achieve the best performance gains, while at the same time limiting their exposure to injury, and building resilience.

11 Point System


The use of techniques from the Postural Restoration Institute to properly align the clients posture and optimize movement.

Myofascial Release

Release of muscular adhesions to increase circulation and range of motion.


Shutting down of overactive muscles that may inhibit optimal posture.


Activation of muscles and breathing patterns to promote optimal posture.

Dynamic Warm Up

Performance of flow exercises to increase mobility while maintaining core control throughout an improved range of motion.

Movement Mechanics

Unloaded movement to prepare the body for the subsequent workout and sports related mechanics.

Speed Strength

Development of explosiveness through the movement of light weights at a fast pace.

Strength Complex

Development of foundational strength to create resiliency.

Strength Speed

Sustaining speed through the movement of heavier weights as fast as possible.

Energy System Development

Increasing anaerobic and aerobic work capacity.


Resetting of optimal posture to facilitate recovery and prepare the body and mind for the next workout or competition.

Personal Coaching

CoreXcellence personal and performance trainers have years of education, training and experience helping athletes achieve their goals. Whether you’re looking to shed a couple of pounds, are training for a running event, are preparing for or recovering from pregnancy, or are rehabbing an injury, you’ll see huge gains through the personalized approach of 1-to-1 training sessions.

Athletic Development

We introduce our clients to the CoreXcellence Multiplanar Movement Assessment developed from the knowledge and experience of our integrated team of performance and rehabilitation specialists. They employ Osteopathy, Athletic Therapy and Physiotherapy protocols, as well as the assessment of breathing mechanics to complete their assessments. The initial assessment is the foundational support for our performance training system that helps athletes develop the mindset to achieve their most challenging goals through proper movement, nutrition, and recovery strategies.

Team Development

From hockey to soccer, our fitness professionals train and motivate sports teams to build confidence, teamwork, and productive communication. CoreXcellence team development specialists can help your team during off-season, pre-season, or during an unexpected run in the playoffs.