Yianni Kyriacou

Yianni Kyriacou

Performance Coach

"To be the bridge that helps athletes get from where they are, to where they want to be"

My goal is to help people to achieve their athletic potential by teaching, guiding and creating an environment where success is inevitable. I love coaching and I want people to love training.

My intro to performance coaching came through joining my universities powerlifting team and eventually taking part in sport science students research projects. I began studying Strength and Conditioning and once I realized that Performance Coaches can have a huge positive impacts on the lives of the people they coach, I was hooked. It is my goal to help people in a fun, caring and inclusive way. 

My sporting background as a player has always been in Soccer, being from the UK it is not like I had a choice! I still play and am a big Arsenal fan! 

Whilst being a huge soccer fan, I have worked with many athletes from different sports in different countries and I love learning from so many different environments.